Revista española de Documentación Científica, Vol 31, No 3 (2008)

Procesos de gestión de documentos. Metadatos para la gestión de documentos. Parte 2: Aspectos conceptuales y de implementación. ISO 23081-2

Equipo Editorial , España

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[1] ISO/IEC 2382-17. Information technology-Vocabulary- Part 17: Databases

[2] ISO 8601:2004. Data elements and interchange formats - Information interchange - Representation of dates and times

[3] ISO 14721:2003. Space data and information transfer systems - Open archival information system - Reference model

[4] UNE-ISO/TR 15489-2. Información y documentación - Gestión de documentos – Parte 2: Directrices

[5] ISO/IEC 19501-1:2001. Information Technology - Open Distributed Processing – Unified Modeling Language (UML), version 1.4.2)

[6] UNE-ISO 23081-1:2008, Información y Documentación - Procesos de gestión de documentos - Metadatos para la gestión de documentos - Parte 1: Principios

[7] The Long Term Preservation of Authentic Electronic Records: Findings of the Interpares Project. Appendix 5: A model of the Preservation Function.

[8] National Archives of Australia Glossary.

[9] Metadata Standards for Managing and Accessing Information Resources in Netwotrked environments over time for Government, Commerce, Social and Cultural Purposes, Monsh University research project, also known as the SPIRIT project.

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